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Your Project Success

The success of your project performed by SASCO can be attributed to three basic elements that form the foundation of everything we do - Our People, Our Systems and Our Culture. 

Our People

We are builders and our greatest asset is our people. Our team, from field electricians to upper level management to office support, are the top performers in the industry. Our people embrace SASCO's unique culture and systems, have an innate determination for excellence and an unparalleled level of integrity. We take pride in our people and our people take pride in the work they perform. This is vital to the SASCO Difference.

Our System

Our Systems allow us, as a prime cost contractor, to know what's going on. Form custom estimating to detailed job tracking and performance analysis, our systems are seamlessly integrated into every step of your project from concept to completion. We monitor progress in real-team to assure labor and resources are effectively utilized, schedule milestones are met and your project is completed right the first time. 

SASCO developed its proprietary systems over the course of four decades. Through lessons learned and advances in technology our systems have evolved into the most comprehensive and effective tools in the industry. Partner with us on your next project to see the SASCO Difference.


Our Culture

Our Culture of excellence is the result of over 50 years of look, listening and learning and reflects the focus and attitude of our people. This culture is centered on the following values that form the bedrock of the SASCO difference



Knowledge - We know what's going on 

Communication - We report significate change

Accountability - We Learn from our results so good things are repeated

Trust - We do what we say we are going to do

Pride - We take pride in our work, our company and our community involvement

Continuous Improvement - We challenge ourselves to make changes and improvements to better our company, our people and your project.

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