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Mission Statement

The Mission of SASCO is to always be the best at Prime Cost and the leading commercial electrical, data and systems contractor and trusted pattern to the construction industry leaders. 


We are different and intend it that way. We invited your inspection. Actions speak louder than words. 

Our people and our systems (developed and written by us), through innovation and improvement every day, are the best and unique to the industry. We adhere to "Life at SASCO".

Our Organizational structure maintains the virtues of a small contractor's approach - a Group president and partner overseeing every job -- with attention to details. 

We control costs through accountability. We understand client requirements and are responsive to client needs. There is no conflict and through the SASCO Way, we always exceed expectations. 


We are builders and we take pride in our work. We utilize SASCO's proven building process and systems to design, plan, and execute projects at the highest level and lowest installed cost to ensure they are delivered to our customers the right way the first time. 


Our reputation for trust and integrity is earned not given. We will maintain that reputation through our actions. 


We hold the safety of our people and the projects that they work on in the highest regard and continuously train and enforce this belief. 

Our People:

Our people are the best and have a commitment to continually improve and to succeed, and live by the three elements of

"Life at SASCO"

1. Know What's Going On. 

2. Report Significate Change to Others.

3. Learn From Your Results And Mistakes So Good Things Are Repeated And Bad Things Are Not. 

"The most dangerous phrase: We've always done it that way"

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