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The SASCO Difference

Prime Cost Contractor

SASCO is a Prime Cost Contractor. Throughout our history we have put an emphasis on studying, understanding and managing prime cost. We utilize our expertise as builders to beat-up costs, utilize the most efficient means and methods and positively impact schedule. As a result, SASCO will deliver your project at the lowest installed cost and highest caliber finish.

At SASCO, being a Prime Cost Contractor is not an event but a process that begins at project concept and is integrated through to project completion. It requires our sophisticated systems and processes, continuous improvement and a dedication of resources. Let us show you how our thorough understanding of cost will help you to achieve your project goals. 

Earned Trust

You can count on SASCO to get the job done right the first time. For over 50 years SASCO his managed prime cost and delivered projects ahead of schedule and under budget. We know how important it is for our customers to have a partner they can count on. 


SASCO's spirit of innovation is crucial to our success and has revolutionized the electrical industry. SASCO's patented installation equipment and unparalleled custom systems, give us the ability to manage cost and labor productivity better than anyone else. Our systems have been designed to minimize your risk, reduce installation time and cost, and improve the quality of your project. We listen to our customers, understand the demands and challenges of their project and always look for a better way to build. 


At SASCO we know that none of us are as good as all of us. From bottom to top, each member of the SASCO project team is a top performer in there respective positions and crucial to our overall success. Our horizontal operational structure is built for responsiveness and accountability. 

From day one your project has a dedicated team, led by a Group President, collaborating with you every step of the way. Our Group Presidents are builders and utilize their wisdom to set strategies, foresee trends and maintain a keen focus on prime cost. Their leadership combined with the know-how of each team member ensures your project results are achieved and your expectations are exceeded. 

Financial Strength

SASCO's financial strength is an asset that enables us to preform and bond the largest and most sophisticated projects in the world. This strength provides our clients with a level of assurance and risk mitigation that is unmatched in the electrical industry.


 Take the Challenge

We invite you to tour our facility. When you see first-hand our commitment and experience, we are confident you will understand why we are the best. 

to Take the Callenge

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