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Our Approach

SASCO has a comprehensive understanding of what is required to successfully plan and execute every stage of your project. In short - We know what is going on. 


When you partner with SASCO, your project will benefit from our knowledge, systems and processes that have been developed and refined over the past 5 decades. Your project is estimated, planned, detailed, packaged, virtually built and physically built by the same team ensuring nothing gets lost in translation. With an experienced team of builders, engineers, schedulers, CAD operators, BIM operators and estimators, who are held accountable to the highest level of excellence, SASCO is able to provide unmatched electrical and low voltage services. SASCO adds value by:

Saving our clients time and money through the combination of our people, systems and processes. 

Ensuring that our client's needs are met within the timeframe they require.

Estimating the prime cost associated with complex and sophisticated projects. 

Knowing success is not only measured by what you have installed but by how you plan the work. 

Collaborating with the project team early on to eliminate gaps between design and construction. 

Accounting for every aspect of a project with our custom tracking systems.  

Learning from our past mistakes so that they will not be repeated. 

Anticipating construction conflicts in advance so they can be addressed before the project is impacted. 

Providing decades of just-in-time delivery experience that positively impacts your project. 

Communication significate change to the team to mitigate impacts and improve the outcome.

to learn how our approach can make the difference on your next project.

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