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SASCO has been a leader in electrical construction, consulting, and low-voltage systems technologies for more than 40 years. Operating from offices throughout the Western United States, we have performed work for our clients nationwide. We welcome you to compare and discover the SASCO difference. "Life at SASCO" starts with staying informed supported by our unique systems, means and method, engineering, structure, and planning. The result-from Preconstruction to completion-is a better product and an overall lower cost provider.


At SASCO, you always have a partner to turn to. A Group President, who is a vested partner, and his team oversee and are responsible for your project. You never have to worry about higher ups. Think of SASCO as a big company with a small company's operational structure for responsiveness and responsibility.

We have an environment that encourages individual achievement in the context of group accomplishment. Our people know they become the best by working with the best. Many of our employees are stockholders with a "piece of the rock" and a common goal of growth and sustainability.

At SASCO, we use and accept state-of-the-art management tools that set industry standards. Clear lines of communication allow us to do the following:
  • Identify the special requirements of your project
  • Plan the work
  • Execute the plan
  • Monitor the performance throughout your project
  • Start over — this is a process, not an event

All companies have systems. SASCO's systems are unequalled as they were written for us, by us. Our Custom Programming Department, with real programmers, updates and supports our entire job cost system. This has been a part of SASCO since 1970 and is constantly updated to provide the most current information available to respond to specific project needs.

In conjunction with this, our Chief Technology Officer oversees all desktops and server rooms loaded with servers, fiber optics, generators, and uninterrupted power supplies located in Sacramento, CA. The proven implementation of these systems welcomes any comparisons. Our system works.

An example of "The SASCO Difference" is our 235,000 sq. ft. facility in Southern California and a similar model in Woodinville, WA. This is where our means and methods of job planning, including pre-fabrication, assembly, and packaging; engineering; estimating; and other job support take place. As a by-product, such efforts lower your costs for cleanup, transportation, scheduling, and liabilities.
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